An introduction to digital divide

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Digital divide

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The Digital Divide and Employment

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How CMOs and CIOs can work together to win the digital customer

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The Digital Divide

It is far based on cultural differences and not by age. Digital divide, or the digital split, is a social issue referring to the differing amount of information between those who have access to the internet (especially broadband access). As an introduction to this symposium issue, this Article highlights the global significance of the digital divide.

It discusses five key prerequisites for bridging this inequitable gap: awareness, access, affordability, availability, and adaptability.

Scott, 2 Introduction This bibliography covers empirical scholarly research on the topic of the digital divide related to primary and secondary education, in the United States and globally.

1 Internet Governance and the “Digital Divide” Jesse H. Sowell From the outset, a key promise of the Internet was the empowerment of individuals to gain immediate.

digital divide

The digital divide has mainly been accused of existing in relation to access; access to services, infrastructure and hardware. Initial access to new technologies is limited to those with advantageous status and resources (white-collar, education, race, income) (Willis & Tranter, ).

Newspapers. an introduction to the australian digital divide books.

Digital Divide

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An introduction to digital divide
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