An introduction to the maquiladora

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introduction to the maquiladora Essay Examples

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Introduction IMMEX stands for Maquiladora, Manufacturing and Export Services Industry. This is a program created by the Mexican government. The Maquiladora is an area of Mexico that extends along the United States and Mexican border for a vital purpose.

What is a Maquiladora in Mexico?

The role that the maquiladoras play in the development of a country can be discussed through evaluation of a thriving international capitalism occurring in Mexico's northern boundary. Issue No. 2, VAT newsletter Welcome to the second issue of Ernst & Young LLP’s VAT Newsletter for the US.

These newsletters cover a variety of topics, as VAT can. [12 November ] - International - Digitalization of Traditional Business Models: Transfer Pricing Implications of Business Restructurings [12 November ] - International - Transfer Pricing and Customs Valuation of Know-How Transfer Agreements.

A maquiladora in Mexico is a factory that operates under preferential tariff programs established and administered by the United States and Mexico.

Materials, assembly components, and production equipment used in maquiladoras are allowed to enter Mexico duty-free. Products made can be exported into the U.S.

trading blocs

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An introduction to the maquiladora
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