An introduction to the save our state initiative proposition 187

August 1994, Volume 1, Number 7

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Proposition adjectives illegal immigrants from personal social services, non emergency health care and public education.

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Proposition 187 won’t ‘save our state’

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Proposition 187 Essay

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Prop would have biased citizenship screening for any other suspected of being in the country illegally by taking and barred state services, such as non-emergency fairness care and public education, to illegal streets.

I. INTRODUCTION The initiative Proposition has been a catalyst for change. Supporters heralded it as the solution to "Save Our State"' from the ills of illegal immi- gration. A ballot initiative was put forward called Proposition by the state legislature.

This proposed proposition was introduced as the “Save Our State” initiative to prohibit undocumented immigrants from using non-emergency health care, public education, and. rights.2 Through California's Proposition3 the denial of welfare benefits to certain classes of legal permanent residents, 4 and the curtail- " Associate Professor of Law, Pennsylvania State University, The Dickinson School of.

Critical Race Theory and Proposition The Racial Politics of Immigration Law Ruben J. Garcia is whether Proposition is an attempt to save state resources 1. "Alien" is a legal term that defines all noncitizens of the United States.

Save Our State

CRITICAL RACE THEORY AND PROPOSITION The -LAW POLITICS ] ' ' '. They named the initiative: Save Our State Section 1 of Proposition provides this introduction: The People of California find and declare as follows: That they have suffered and are suffering economic hardship caused by the presence of illegal immigrants in this state.

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An introduction to the save our state initiative proposition 187
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California Journal's Analysis of Prop.