An opinion on marching band as a sport

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Marching Band a Sport?

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Washington University Marching Band Bus Flips on Way to Football Game

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Marching Band… a sport?

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Is Marching Band a sport?

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The MidStates Band Association competition is categorized by band size, which means the Corbin High School Marching Band competed with 29 other bands from three different states of similar size. This is why our band members are and should be considered athletes like any other sport.

The marching band of Alabama’s oldest private, historically black liberal arts college has accepted an invitation to perform at Donald Trump’s inaugural parade, organizers said. Throughout the course of this essay I have made it my mission to convince all readers that marching band is a sport.

Now is the time for me to go above and beyond. Marching band is way beyond a sport. The Dragons roared to the top Saturday.

Gretna High School’s marching band claimed bragging rights as Nebraska’s top band. The band took first place in the Nebraska State Bandmasters. Wichita State will have a marching band for the first time since The university announced Thursday that the Shocker Sound Machine will launch this fall, performing halftime routines at four men’s and four women’s basketball games this season, as well as at other campus events.

An opinion on marching band as a sport
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