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Overview. The Romantic era in Britain was not only a time of growth for literature and poetry, but also a time of increased opium use. Interspersed among importation of opium from the Middle and Far East countries, Britain itself produced a meager amount and utilized it, at least initially, as medicine and also as an ingredient in patent medicines to treat a variety of ailments and diseases.

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George Crabbe (/ k r æ b / KRAB; 24 December – 3 February ) was an English poet, surgeon and clergyman. He is best known for his early use of the realistic narrative form and his descriptions of middle and working-class life and people. Harold Bloom's list of the Great Books from the Western Canon.


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James Fenton Reads. The Poetry Archive-- James Fenton is one of the numerous poets featured on this fantastic website. Visit Fenton's special Poetry Archive webpage and listen to recordings of him reading the poems 'Wind', 'Blood and Lead', 'Jerusalem', and 'In Paris with You'.

George Crabbe (/ k r æ b / KRAB; 24 December – 3 February ) was an English poet, surgeon and clergyman. He is best known for his early use of the realistic narrative form and his descriptions of middle and working-class life and people.

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