Introduction of western literature

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Western literature

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Western literature

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The Norton Anthology of Western Literature

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Central to medieval Western literature became the figure of the knight (and, more specifically, the crusading knight). His public deeds were epic and chivalrous, his private deeds romantic and gentlemanly. Late medieval literature began to be written in vernacular languages (i.e., those other than Latin, such as Italian, English, and French).

Greek literature dates from ancient Greek literature, beginning in BC, to the modern Greek literature of today. Ancient Greek literature was written in an Ancient Greek dialect.

This literature ranges from the oldest surviving written works until works from approximately the fifth century AD. •Homer imposed on Greek literature the anthropocentric emphasis that is its distinguishing mark and its great contribution to the Western mind.

•The stories told in Homer’s poems are set in the 12th century B.C.E. •They were probably written between the 10th and the 8th B.C.E (the so-called “Dark Age”).

Greek literature

Herbert N. Schneidau, “Biblical Style and Western Literature,” in Literature of Belief: Sacred Scripture and Religious Experience, ed.

Neal E. Lambert (Provo, UT: Religious Studies Center, Brigham Young University, ), 17– Western literature that makes the book only an “outline introduction.” This book can be used as a textbook for any course designed to give Western literature a general introduction.

The Norton Anthology of Western Literature Overview Volume 1: The Ancient World; The Middle Ages; The Renaissance; Volume 2: The Enlightenment; The 19th Century: Romanticism; The 19th Century: Realism and Symbolism; The 20th Century: Modernisms and Modernity; Choose a section: Volume 1.

The Ancient World; The Middle Ages.

Introduction of western literature
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Classical Literature - Tragedy, Lyric Poetry, New Comedy, Satire, Epic Poetry and Much More